Mindfulness Apps According to A Fit Abilities Student

Screenshot 2017-04-11 at 2.12.32 PMOne of our student’s in the yoga program tried three different meditation apps geared for students with typically developing and vision.  She tried them on her iPAd to see if she could run them with Zoom or Voice Over.

She tried the following apps:

Settle Your Glitter

Stop, Breathe, Think

Tangram Zen Puzzle

She Brailled the following comments on each App:

Settle Your Glitter: It was too hard to see all the glitter pieces with Zoom.  It would help if there was a sound component to make it easier for people who can’t see.

Stop, Breath and Think:  There was too much text to sift through.  It was not designed well. Voice Over didn’t work very well but Zoom did “Ok.”  I liked the ideas felt like someone needed to explain a lot the words to me since I am not a master meditater.

Tangram Zen Puzzle:  This App was my favorite.  I liked problem soliving plus I could easily use Zoom.  I think it would be good to add a sound component to this app.

In conclusion:

“I have been trying out some mindfulness Apps on my iPad. I really enjoy them, but some aren’t accessible for the visually impaired. There needs to be more work with people with visual imapirments on telling developers how to make these apps better for people like me.”


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