Our Favorite Yoga Tools Pt 2: Weighted Lap Pads or Blankets

Another one of our favorite multisensory yoga tools to use with our students during our one-on-one instruction time and in our after school yoga program is the weighted lap pad or any weighted pillow or bean bag.

      Photo Credit Fun and Function

Weighted lap pads, pillows and/or blankets help our students with lots of energy, whether that energy is physical or anxious in nature but are beneficial for *all* of our Fit Abilities Students.  Additionally, since our students are visually impaired, it also provides a sense of environmental safety since it can be an external reminder of where their body is in space.   According to Psychology Today weighted accessories are beneficial in the following ways: “providing input to the deep pressure touch receptors throughout the body,” Moore says. “Deep pressure touch helps the body relax. Like a firm hug, weighted blankets help us feel secure, grounded, and safe.” Moore says this is the reason many people like to sleep under a comforter even in summer. (Source Psychology Today: Choosing A Blanket To Help You Sleep)

We like to use weighted blankets in the following ways:

1.  By placing the weighted lap pad on the students stomach or back in any socially/emotionally or physically safe position for the individual student during our after school yoga routine.

2. By placing it in the student’s lap while they are completing a Braille, Assistive Technology or other academic lesson that is IEP related.

Where you can purchase a weighted lap pad, blanket or pillow:

  1. Create your own
  2. Fun and Function
  3. Etsy

More Reading on the benefits of weighted blankets, pillows and lap pads:

  1. PTSD and Weighted Blankets
  2.  Weighted Blankets for Kids with Visual Impairment


Please check out Pt. 1 of this blog series here




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