Our Favorite Yoga Tools Pt. 1: Bean Bags

In the new few weeks, we will be focusing on a few of our favorite yoga tools to bring with us into the classroom and in our after school yoga programs to use with our students with visual, sensory and social emotional adaptations.   Today, we will focus on our love for bean bags!

Bean Bags (click the link to find the amazon.com product to purchase online)

Bean Bags are helpful for students of all ability levels.  They can help be used to increase body awareness, sensory play, calming  or energizing activities. Please read below for a few ideas on how to use them:

Photo Credit Walmart.com 



How to use them:

1. Put them on their head and have them get into tree or mountain pose for 5 yoga breaths before beginning an activity. This can help them increase focus and attention. It can also be helpful to this in intervals within a route for students who needs lots of sensory breaks.

2. Have students put the bean bags on their heads and walk around the room.  If you have enough space and the students are able to motorically, you can have the students get into upward facing dog and move around their space while balancing the beans on their backs as they move. This activity can help those that are more low energy, increase their energy for learning activities and focus those that are naturally high energy.

Fore more ideas on how to integrate Bean Bags into your mindful movement or yoga routine please see the follow resources:

  1. 7 Indoor Bean Bag Games
  2. 1000+ Ideas about Beans Bags







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