Addressing Anxiety at School with Yoga

Natasha Baebler, RYT came and saw one of our Fit Abilities students at school today and taught him about calming himself when he felt anxious with different mudras and yoga poses


Addressing Bullying 

Today at Fit Abilities Trauma Informed Yoga Program, we addressed issues that many of our students continue to face including the toxic stress of enduring bullying and giving into peer pressure when others are getting hurt. Natasha told an interactive yoga story about collaborating and powering with others instead of dominating and powering over others. #traumainformedyoga #fitabilties #resilience

Bringing Fit Abilities Into the Classroom

We have been bringing Fit Abilities into the classrooms for direct instruction to integrate some yoga skills into their education routine with the Teacher of the Visually Impaired of two of our students for the last month. For some kid we’ll prepare for instruction with puzzles and others bean bag activities.

With one of our students we are facilitating opportunities to be more aware of how her body is moving in space and being mindful of fast and slow movements. We start our our session with her with fast movements and prepare her for slower activity levels before instruction begins.

Below is a video of our OT intern Kourtney cueing her to be mindful to move the bean bag slowly from one body part to another.

Building Trust through the Small Things

 Building Trust in the Little Things

One of my students who desperately needs opportunities to empower himself in healthy ways and learn a locus of healthy amounts of control tells me each week what he wants for snack that week at Fit Abilities. Today it’s banana bread….specifically from Corner Coffeehouse in downtown Ferguson. He anticipates it, I follow through and we build trust. Follow through is key in these moments, even little things like this matter for our yoga students with high ACE Scores. Showing up with the little things like banana bread matter in building safety and making sure they feel heard and seen. It also helps them understand that they play key role in the cause and effect nature of healthy relationships. Trust begins with banana bread and yoga for this kid in particular.

#traumainformedyoga #fitabilities

The Safety of the Guide Dog

This is Aspen, Natasha’s, Seeing Eye Dog, who helps guide our Fit Abilities Yoga Teacher around since she is also visually impaired. He’s pretty much our mascot for the program since so many of our students are learning the concept of safe travel but also emotional safety in their environment as well through their yoga practice.

Grateful for Yoga Photos

Today in Fit Abilities the kids drew their favorite thing about yoga class with Natasha Baebler. For the most part the kids are thankful for healthy angry basketball ball games, the Magic House (because it’s “magic” like yoga), colorful yoga mats and all the different yoga poses #fitabilities #traumainformedyoga