Thanks for Supporting Fit Abilities at Practicing Yoga

Julie Johnson of Fit Abilities and Special School District and Roxanne Krummenacher of Practicing Yoga
The awesome people who came to class!!!!  THANK YOU!
Donation basket

A big THANK YOU to Roxanne Krummenacher, owner of Practicing Yoga for hosting Fit Abilities as Practicing Yoga’s Community based project of the month.  We had our final yoga practice yesterday with a great turn out!  We are so grateful for all the support and love from the St. Louis Yoga Community who have continued to show support for the Fit Abilities program.  All proceeds from last month’s yoga class will go to support the ongoing to Transportation costs for cabs for a few students to get to the Fit Abilities program,  yoga mats, cost for food for Family Support/Child Family Yoga classes and Natasha Baebler’s time/salary.